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Designing a Web site is more than putting code on a page. It's about representation. Translating the soul of your organization into a living, global entity. Webzyme Ltd specializes in Web design that merges practicality with art - giving your organization a voice and a face in the world market. We will help you select the online features that are most likely to help your organization have a successful Web presence and stay on budget. Our services include Web design, SEO, social media and local business listing set up and the training to help you make your site all that it can be.

Our Web services look at your unique business goals and create a vibrant online environment for your organization's needs, whether they are local or global. We will design a site specific to you.

Our customized designs will help your organization become branded and achieve the online goals that make the most sense for your business model. A Web site is one of the most valuable marketing assets available to your organization. It can connect you with your client base, other companies, and global resources. Having a well-designed site will help you connect with the global community effectively. Whether you are trying to provide educational material, sell a product or service, generate leads, or simply provide information, Webzyme will develop a unique design for your site, with the features that will make it the most useful to your end users.

There are several reasons why businesses put off creating or improving a Web site. it may not be a priority, you may wonder if you have room in your budget for custom Web design, or you may even wonder if your customers will ever use it. As time moves forward, the pressure to have a site will not fade. If you have a site that is suited for your organization that makes logical sense, your clients will use it, and it will become one of the best marketing tools you have.

Some of the features we offer for our custom Web sites include:

  • Customized design that is easy to update
  • Maintenance packages that will keep you ahead of the curve
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get your client base to your site through Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Social Media set up and Training
  • Local Business Listing Development

Website creation packages

Starter Kit Business Package Custom Features
Our Small Medium Business Starter Kit, gets your site onto the Internet. We will provide you with a basic, professional, modern design. We will install the necessary component for promoting your business on the web. This package is for businesses seeking to get serious about their presence on the web. We create a custom design with components to fit your business needs online To set your website apart from other websites, you want to provide features that engage and lure visitors back to your website for repeated visits. Webzyme can design and create these custom features
Price: $500 Price: $2,500 Call +234 806 892 0500
Extra Options

Our websites come with a full collection of features. Additional features can be added to each package including:

  • eCommerce Cart
  • Content Writing
  • SEO
  • Website Maintenance
  • Professional Hosting
  • Video Hosting
  • Website monitoring
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