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Web Application

Our team can deliver a seamless solution for web application or web service requirements, systems that facilitate database access and workflow optimization. These systems connect two or more business or enterprise systems allowing inter-process communication. This allows for improved operations in critical business areas such as inventory control, order processing, billing and invoicing. Web services are constructed to provide a secure and effective link between separate existing systems

Tapping into the cutting edge of various web technologies, we can transform your ideas into scalable, high performance Web Applications with compelling user interfaces. We have been developing custom Web Applications for customers all over the world that offer excellent usability, scalability and universal compatibility in terms of browsers and platforms.

Technologies such as SOAP, WDSL, XML, and UDDI are used to facilitate the link between the interface links and inter-process communication while others such as ColdFusion, C++, Linux, MySQL, PHP, ASP, server side Java can all be used to construct the web services themselves. Then client side browser supported languages are employed by our design and development staff such as HTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript, VB Script, Java Beans/Apps, Active X controls, Flash etc. are used to develop an effective user interface that improves user experience and effectiveness.

The types of systems that are developed by our team all fall into one of two categories: open systems that are available to all users who may access the systems associated public site, create an account and thereafter access and work with the system. Another type of system that we may develop for our clients are closed systems that are applications custom designed for a particular line of business and serve to handle a business critical task.

Various office workflows like resource tracking system, inventory management, Leave tracking system, several collaborative applications like Discussion forums, project tracking and management, Sales tracking system etc are just a short list of applications that can be developed on web platform. We have also developed web applications for video delivery and players, encoding and editing, product resources for websites, recipes applications, Shop finders and many more.