Mobile Application Development "scalable, affordable, and on-demand"
Mobile Application Development

Our application development design and development expertise can be brought to projects where mobile platforms are a critical consideration, including porting web sites and web applications to mobile platforms such as iPad, iPhone, Android and others. For example WAP interfaces are developed for existing web-based services. Also custom standalone portable app solutions can be developed for wireless devices.

These solutions are implemented with considerations such as secure mobile device management, customization, security, and all other business considerations that are addressed with more traditional platforms. Our solutions present the mobile device as an enhancing and critical component in the overall system.

Technology such as Objective-C and the Cocoa framework for IOs are enlisted to produce a seamless mobile information capture and presentation tool for your critical business system.

To learn more about our web and software development services and to learn how these services can meet the needs of your business, contact our sales department.

Various office workflows like resource tracking system, inventory management, Leave tracking system, several collaborative applications like Discussion forums, project tracking and management, Sales tracking system etc are just a short list of applications that can be developed on web platform. We have also developed web applications for video delivery and players, encoding and editing, product resources for websites, recipes applications, Shop finders and many more.