At Webzyme Ltd, we offer a comprehensive suite of value-added IT services that set us apart in terms of quality, performance and value. So, whether you are looking to just set up a small web presence with a static website or launch an e-commerce portal to run an entire business online, look no further than Webzyme Ltd.

Here are some of the reasons why we have been recognized as one of the leading web solutions companies.

One Stop Web Solution Centre

No longer do you have to look at multiple providers for handling your IT and web solutions requirements. From domain registration, web hosting and website design & development to custom software applications to support your different business processes, you can rely on one provider. Trust us, you don’t have to look elsewhere for any of your IT/ web development initiatives.

Experience in delivering top-notch web solutions

For over 10 years- from the early days of the Internet going mainstream in India- we have been delivering the highest quality of web solutions. You will benefit from our unrivalled experience with designing and delivering highly customized and effective solutions to diverse client needs. Simply articulate your requirements and our expert team will take care of the rest.

Cutting edge expertise in web-based technologies

Our strong team of web professionals have their fingers on the pulse of the Internet world. Whether it be in devising sleek user interfaces, creating some nifty features and functionality for your website or programming platforms, we have the expertise to offer you the right solutions for your needs.

Strong partnerships

Webzyme Ltd partners with market leaders to bring the best offers to our customers. We pass on the entire benefit of these partnerships in the form of discount offers, bundled packages, etc. to our customers. We have partnered wih Network Solutions Inc, Thawte, Callossus Inc. and VSNL to name a few.

Unmatched customer service

We promise only what we can deliver. We deliver what we promise. We thrive on customer delight and go to great lengths to ensure that our customers are glad they chose us. With dedicated account executives and a well-trained team of customer service personnel, you know that a solution to any of your web related problems are just a phone call or e-mail away.

Our established client base of over 1000 customers will vouch for the quality of our service and support.

So, if you have any requirement that has to do with the Internet and web-based software applications, connect with our Sales team today!

Outsource Help Desk Services: Live & Local IT Help Desk
Help Desk

Businesses and companies located across the country can outsource help desk services to Webzyme Ltd. We offer live and local help desk support from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We are also available for support on a 24/7/365 basis if needed. When you outsource help desk services to Webzyme Ltd, we can resolve any computer or network issues that you may encounter. Our help desk services are typically performed online or by phone, and can include the use of remote access tools when necessary. Remote access allows our help desk staff to access users workstations and to see what the end user is seeing in order to resolve problems.

Outsourcing help desk services to Webzyme Ltd can allow you to quickly resolve issues and handle all computer and IT related problems. We also provide on-site services for problems which cannot be solved over the phone. Our managed services include help desk, antivirus, antimalware, audit & inventory, patch management, network monitoring, backup systems and software deployment. To learn more about our help desk services or if you are interested in learning how you can outsource help desk services to Webzyme Ltd, contact our help desk department.

About IT Help Desk Outsourcing

Help desk outsourcing is the process of utilizing an external company to support and assist your company in troubleshooting various types of network and computer problems that may occur. When you outsource help desk services, you will typically communicate with the help desk support team by phone, email, or instant messaging. At Webzyme Ltd, we offer live, local help desk support services to businesses located throughout the country. Our help desk services help small and midsized companies to receive the expert help desk and technician services that large companies have available.

Our outsourced help desk services are available for live help during extended business hours for your convenience. When you outsource help desk support from our IT professionals, our live help desk staff is available by phone. We can also use remote access services to access any user’s workstation and see exactly what the user is seeing in order to quickly and efficiently resolve problems.